Abigail Schraufnagel

Artist Bio

I have always been drawn to the arts. I started drawing and painting when I was a child and as I got older my interests broadened to include other mediums. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion but never had the patience to pursue garment construction so I drew my designs and explored other art forms. After completing my bachelor's degree and experiencing life in the workforce for a few years, I decided to throw caution to the wind and finally try my hand at fashion design.

Video Interview

Artist Statement

My collection was initially inspired by photographs of dye clouds suspended in water and evolved into an exploration of texture, material, and color. The organic evolution of a design is my favorite aspect of the process, editing throughout to make the look better. The finished garment is somewhat different than what I initially envisioned, acquiring a life of its own. That’s what makes design exciting.

Designer Looks

Viscose foundation, silk gauze shell, hand-dyed and woven wool roving cape

Viscose foundation, silk gauze shell, hand painted and appliqued paper flowers

Viscose foundation, silk gauze shell, hand dyed and appliqued feather cape

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