SaLeanna Josephson

Artist Bio

SaLeanna Josephson is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a Personal Care Assistant as well as a designer. From a young age she was inspired to design for women that are plus sized. Realizing how hard it is to find clothing that’s fashionable and functional SaLeanna decided to study fashion to be able to provide a way for women to feel confident no matter what their size. SaLeanna’s life experiences have exposed her to a wide variety of cultures and walks of life promoting a perspective that allows for thinking outside of the box. SaLeanna strives to balance modern and classic influences.

Video Interview

Artist Statement

The ‘kaleid~escape’ line is about escaping the norm with comfort, functionality and flow. I would describe the line as maximized minimalism with interchangeable pieces. It is a celebration of the complex beauty of the shapely women.

Designer Looks

Knit tank with painted kaleidoscopic drape and asymmetric circle skirt in Shantung

Kimono knit top with painted kaleidoscopic sleeve inset and asymmetric circle skirt in Dupioni

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