John Gutierrez

Artist Bio

My name is John Gutierrez. I was born in Chicago, Illinois to Mexican immigrant parents. My family and I then to St. Paul Minnesota. It was in middle school that I found myself beginning to design. It started with costumes for power rangers, based on a theme that I came up with. Gradually the costumes became gowns. Designing for me, was something I did for fun. At first my career aspirations in high school were centered in the sciences. I applied to four schools and was rejected or waitlisted. I took it as a sign to change my focus and pursue designing. Being too late in the year to get into an American college, I studied Fashion Design in Mexico for a year. I realized that Mexico wasn’t the place for me so I moved back to the U.S. and began working with my mom. It was there that a coworker suggested I apply at MCTC, which I did in 2015. Since the first day of classes I knew I had found the right place for me.

Video Interview

Artist Statement

My goal is to create. My intention is to find the beauty in things that are mysterious, odd, and often overlooked.

Designer Looks

Gold silk crepe-back satin gown with pleated bodice

Blue/black iridescent silk peau de soie dress with square neckline, gold applique detail and full skirt

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